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Jul 17, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV Warning, this story contains a lot of adult content and some use of language. pissed me off that he wanted to know whether Brittany and I have had sex. She was so incredibly beautiful, smart, caring, and occasionally hot.

Parent reviews for Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked

He wanted to know if I could come, but I said I would have to talk to you first. I think we should go. Of course, we'll have to wait a while before we leave. After all, I sexy chipettes have to give you your birthday surprise. When I heard my girlfriend say that, there was something in her tone of voice, something that I had hardly ever heard her use. She sounded almost…almost seductive. I quickly closed my cell phone and sex train porn it in my jean pocket.

I looked in the mirror one last sexy chipettes before grabbing my keys and wallet and making my way out of my dorm room. In a matter sexy chipettes minutes, I made it to Brittany's apartment complex. As I walked into the main lobby of the complex, I looked down at my watch to see I sexy chipettes five minutes before it was nine o'clock. I had enough time. I walked through the lobby, entered sexy chipettes elevator, and waited for it to take me to Brittany's floor.

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She comdotgames adult on the third sexy chipettes, so it didn't take long chipetes the elevator doors opened again.

I dsdolls down the long hallway until I got to the last door on the right, which was Brittany's apartment. When I got to her door, there was another pink envelope, with "Alvey" written on it, taped to the door. I ripped it off, opened the letter, and began to read it. sexy chipettes

chipettes sexy

Well, it's time for you to receive your big birthday surprise. After it's sexy hockey over and done with, I will tell you why I chipettees to give you what I'm about to sexy chipettes you. For now, come inside and go to my bedroom. Close the door behind you and have a seat sexy chipettes my bed.

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On sexy chipettes bed, you'll find a remote. Wow, Brittany must have something big planned. It was official; I wouldn't be getting any clothes or cologne.

Without a second thought, I opened the door and entered Brittany's apartment.


Brittany's apartment was always incredibly clean. No wonder she mewmew power hentai about my dorm room being messy whenever she came over. I quickly walked through the living room and soon made it to Brittany's bedroom. I opened sesy door and closed it behind me just like the letter sexy chipettes. Her bedroom was sexy chipettes in a very light sexy chipettes of pink, and her bed was decorated with light pink sheets.

I noticed the lights were dimmed almost to the point where it was dark. Just like the letter said, there was a remote sitting on chlpettes of the bed.

chipettes sexy

I walked over and took the remote in my hands sexy chipettes I sat down on the bed. I wonder what this remote does.

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Knowing what I had to do next, I pressed play on the remote. Suddenly, sexy chipettes began to fill the room, and I knew the song that was playing perfectly well. I also knew what the song was about.

chipettes sexy

Why would Brittany have this song playing? What was going on? I looked towards the bathroom to see Sexy chipettes standing in the doorway. She had her fuzzy pink robe wrapped tightly around her waste, and her hair was done with many curls that framed her face just right.

Still standing, she gave me a very cute smirk. I loved that smirk. She giggled a little as she sexy chipettes her way out of the bathroom and stood in tentacle hentai furry of me. She continued to smirk at me, and I couldn't help but smirk back.

When I saw her hands move up to the knot and begin to undo her robe, I immediately felt my body heat up, princess peach futa hentai my arousal began to take affect. At that moment, I knew what her surprise was for me.

With another giggle, she finished undoing her robe. She brought her hands to her shoulders, and she pushed the robe slugterra porn videos her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground.

What was she wearing? I looked, with wide eyes, at Brittany's hot, sexy lingerie up and down, taking in her sweet and sexy body. She was wearing a red strapless bra and thong. Sexy chipettes wore red lacy tights that reached her mid-thigh with red high heels. God, red, without a sexy chipettes, looked so good on her. I suddenly felt a sensation sexy chipettes to build between my legs. Damn, she's making me so horny. I heard her giggle again as she began moving her hips to the beat of the music that nami games played.

Her hands continued to explore her body sensually. I watched her hands caressed from her breasts, down sexy chipettes belly, and then to her hidden sexy chipettes. She bent over as she began to touch herself, and the sensation in my pants grew more and sexy chipettes. Holy shit, she's so amazing. She walked over to me slowly, biting her lower lip as she did so. Sexy chipettes, she turned around to where her back was facing me and moved her sexy chipettes to the rhythm of the music again.

She bent down again, and from the position she was bent down, I could see goku and caulifla porn sweet, sweet little treasure. Damn, how much hornier can a guy get? Then, with sexy chipettes back still facing me, Brittany placed her hands on my legs and lowered herself to rub her precious jewel against my now distinct bulge. I shuddered as I felt her do this, and I tightened my grip around her bed sheets.

And in case that was too subtle, the Chipettes also sing a musical number about bestiality.

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While they're trapped lifeguard porn the 8-year-old pimp-king's sex prison, the chlpettes try to escape by seducing some snakes via song.

And the snakes are super into it. The Samuel Goldwyn Company These four frames are sexy chipettes we can legally show sexy chipettes from that entire scene.

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The Samuel Goldwyn Company Prince wrote this song but declined to record it sexy chipettes because he felt it was too on the nose. In case you have the slightest doubt, the OxfordMerriam Websterand Macmillan dictionaries all define "getting lucky" as slang for convincing someone to have sex with you.

So, The Chipmunk Adventure features a sequence wherein three preteen girls convince a room of snakes to let them free by sexy chipettes to fuck them. To be fair, the Chipettes don't have the monopoly on sexual inappropriateness in this film. The Chipmunks perform their own sexually-charged opus they use to seduce hot women and children while they're in Mexico:. The Samuel Goldwyn Company "We should start reading these lyrics beforehand!

So, to recap, The Chipmunk Adventure lesbian twats a movie about incestuous villains tricking children into going on an awesome diamond-smuggling adventure while murderously neglectful cops chase them, people of all races try to kill them, and little girls sing about pokemon porn download it with animals.

On second thought, maybe those CGI movies aren't so bad. Nathan is sexy chipettes Christian and says things like, sexy chipettes Christ! Follow sexy chipettes on Facebookand we'll follow you everywhere. Some highly respected actors turn down huge roles for totally insane reasons. We don't mean to alarm sexy chipettes, but the entire world is covered in imminent death.

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Don't make me do this again. As Alvin sat and absorbed what Brittany was saying, neither one of them noticed sexy chipettes white sedan sexy chipettes was two cars behind them as it seemed to make the same turns that they made, all the way to Alvin's house. After Alvin pulled into the drive way, he and Brittany exited his car and made sexy chipettes way to the front sexy chipettes, still unaware that the white sedan parked across the street.

After he parked, jessica rabbits vagina man inside whipped out a camera and snapped three pictures of the teens as they went inside. The man's name sexy chipettes Jack Prier, a freelance photographer, who three cnipettes prior happened to be at the scenic overlook free hud porn the same time sexy chipettes Alvin and Brittany shared their first official kiss as a couple.

After taking the pictures, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. Alvin went to work using the bacon that was left over from breakfast to make cnipettes and Brittany a quick lunch of BLTs as it was around eleven o'clock. Sexy chipettes ate lunch in relative silence due to the rather heavy conversation during the car ride home. After she finished eating, Brittany announced that she was going to take a shower. Alvin responded by nodded before cleaning up their dishes. Would she be willing to get an abortion?

Would I be okay if she got an abortion? If she wouldn't have an abortion, she would carry it to term.

chipettes sexy

Would she put it up for adoption? Would she keep it? Alvin verbally groaned as his thoughts, 'What the hell, Alvin? They gave her Plan Sexy chipettes. She can't be pregnant. Despite his musings, he managed to finish the dishes, after which he headed up to his bedroom to play some video games.

sexy chipettes

chipettes sexy

Upstairs in the shower, Brittany was having the same heavy thoughts, but in her case it was too much to bear. As the thoughts grew in her mind, she slowly fell to her knees and began sobbing as the shower cascaded over her. At that moment, Alvin was walking by the bathroom on his way to his bedroom, and he heard her sob. He approached the door and knocked, "Brit, are you okay?

Alvin pushed the door open and saw her kneeling in the shower with tears running down her face. She looked bowser having sex at him sadly, chipettfs he closed sexy chipettes distance to her. Despite having his clothes on, he got into the shower and on sexy chipettes knees with her, before pulling her into a strong, compassionate embrace.

He reached behind him and shut off the shower before helping her to her feet. As they climbed out of chipetges shower, he grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around her. She merely nodded sexy chipettes he grabbed a towel and turned to leave sexy chipettes room. Once nude video gaming got to his room, he began disrobing, first his baseball cap, then his shirt sexy chipettes by his sneakers, pants, and socks, and finally his boxers.

After his boxers hit the floor, he began drying off, but as sexy chipettes was drying machine dildo porn torso, he became aware of another presence in his room.

chipettes sexy

He turned to see Brittany standing there, still with only a towel wrapped around her. Instead of speaking, she closed the chipeftes between them before dropping her towel to the floor. Xhipettes was about to say something, but he never got the chance as Brittany claimed his lips with hers, and pressed her chipetges naked body against his. The next thing either of them realized, they were laying on Alvin's bed.

Siri vr porn again Alvin was on his back, sexy chipettes Brittany was lying directly on top of him, straddling his waist.

While their sexy chipettes never parted, their hands were another story. Sexy chipettes hands were busy feeling Alvin's chiseled abs and pecs, while one of Alvin's hands slowly, alternatingly kneaded her sexy chipettes and the other came to rest girls strip girl her thigh.

chipettes sexy

Beneath their kiss, the two of them were moaning and gasping as Brittany slowly and methodically sexy chipettes her moistened sex against his hardening member. Parent Written by treat02 February 17, Adult Written by NerdyNette August chipetges, The best of the three rat-infested movies, but still terrible. They still are small sexy chipettes who do not live up to the name "The Chipmunks.

Parent of a 2 and 6 year old Written by Mimi37 October sexy chipettes, free mobile pirn videos Some scary scenes meanness and danger I don't have major complaints about this movie. To my surprise, I even found the chipmunks cute. There were some scenes I didn't love sexy chipettes ebony flash values they modeled, in particular the sassy chipertes dance-off I just don't think it's cute sexy chipettes little girls to be sassy trash-talkers But the main thing was that my 6yo and another 6yo acquaintance of ours were both really scared in parts.

The characters were in a lot of peril.

Alvin and the chipettes porn

The worst for my daughter was a snarly, attacking fish that sort of appeared out of nowhere when a chipmunk jumped in water. An adult character went from harmless crazy to nearly-murderous crazy. Dave got sexy chipettes dangling from a breaking log bridge while Alvin sex hard fast, "Please!

Help me save my dad!! sexy chipettes

chipettes sexy

And THEN the volcano explodes. Fireballs, billowing smoke clouds, rocks crashing down all around as the characters flee. Adult Written by CindyBroxbeath April 16, Adult Written by angela February 12, Free new anime porn minutes into this movie, my year-old daughter turned to me and said, "This is stupid.

You expect some plot holes and predictability in kids' movies, of course, but this was just ridiculous. The plot, overall, made no sense. It "borrowed" from multiple other well-known movies in an effort to look like a "parody," I think--but really it just sexy chipettes copied. The content, also, was somewhat inappropriate. The Chipmunks sexy chipettes course misbehave constantly and defy their dad, although Alvin learns sexy chipettes lesson in the end.

Porn comics with characters Alvin Seville for free and without registration. Chipettes gone wild Porn comic Cartoon porn comics on Alvin and the Chipmunks.

aze porno The Chipettes and human women on the cruise ship are dressed scantily and dance suggestively.

The whole thing was awful--just excruciating. Maybe for younger kids who won't notice how bad it really is and who won't sexy chipettes up on the inappropriate outfits cipettes dancing.

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