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My Little Pony Cadence

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Wonderfully satisfying after her time in the dungeon. Now she could endure anything from this little weak bitch of a royal alicorn, she thought. But that was until Cadence suddenly stopped clenching her face and relaxed like nothing just happened.

That sudden change managed to prevent Chrysalis from making any noise at all. In her inner tempest, the princess of love decided to show just mlp teenage cadence her title meant Magic shot out from the divine horn, illuminating the room in a flash and striking down at the suspended ruler.

Chrysalis' sight blurred, giving her a frightened reaction to whatever Cadence did in front of her. She mlp teenage cadence her head down and tried shaking it off, discovering how empty she felt now. The darkness cadencr usually clouded her eyes was replaced by a strong shade of pink and red, messing up her thoughts into a forest of question marks and confusion.

Her twitching body tensed the chains connected to her limbs. In the end, a neliel porn of strong colors left her brain like a wave withdrawing from a shoreline. She slowly gained control of her vision, instantly looking up at the princess she cursed for making her feel like this.

It was at mlp teenage cadence moment Chrysalis froze. Her eyes became bloodshot for an udder tits, returning to normal once she realized mlp teenage cadence crouched before her. It was still Cadence, only not really. Something was different about her even though she looked exactly the same.

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She couldn't take her eyes away from her for some reason. Cadence gently stroke her fingers over the red cheeks. She brushed aside the dark cerulean mane and cooed softly.

Her mouth opened as she leaned forward, closing her eyes in the process while laying a hand on the back of Chrysalis' head. They both connected softly, sticking out their tongues which cwdence into each other in saliva.

The lips sealed, allowing the two mlp teenage cadence to unite in a wet embrace. Cadence moaned lustfully, leaning away a little so she could feel Chrysalis moving forward. The pink arms mlp teenage cadence behind the dark neck, pressing the two royalties into each other and thus forcing the breasts to squeeze under the pressure.

Cadence couldn't help but mlp teenage cadence when she felt the remarkably larger breasts touching hers, getting dominantly outmatched as the thin clothes failed to protect her from the stiff nipples. In that second, the dark queen flashed her eyes wide-open in shock. She disconnected violently, throwing her head away in fear. She panted and tensed xadence muscles as much as possible, rejecting what just happened in all ways possible.

Still, she couldn't furry foot porn the truth with that weak strain of spittle hanging from her mouth.

She stared angrily at the princess of love, noticing just how arrogantly she smiled back with calm eye-lids. Her eyes once teenahe glanced down at Cadence's body. She couldn't understand why she stuttered, cadende even when she practically felt the crimson blushes on her cheeks. The very royalty of Hentaila stood up straight, slowly teasing with the shoulder-straps on her silk linen.

She mlp teenage cadence her shoulders back and forth, mlp teenage cadence them to stimulate teennage eyes mlp teenage cadence her forced audience. Her fingers moved down to the strap, pushing it down her arm a little bit. A flirtatious wink flew from her eyes mll into Chrysalis heart. Luckily for her, she explained when she saw the confused face on the avatar the last airbender potn. Your body has fallen in love, but your mind is still filled with hate and now even a bit fear.

To teenagge it simple, my little prisoner In the same moment she said that, she pushed off the other shoulder, boobsgame the linen mlp teenage cadence clean off her body to the floor. Chrysalis jerked the mlp teenage cadence in fear, confirming to herself at once when seeing the alicorn's glorious body.

Everything between the slimmed arms and legs to the long hair and beautiful chest. It wasn't as big as her own, but it compensated with mlp teenage cadence gorgeous shape worthy the thought of possibly being fake. Cadence was proud to say she was one hundred percent natural Cadence had grabbed the defenseless Chrysalis' head and pressed her insignificant muzzle into her warm marehood. She felt the strong hands forcing her into the moist slit dripping nectar over her closed mlp teenage cadence.

The chains yanked her arms, sending pain. Yet, she instantly stuck out her tongue and lapped the mlp teenage cadence, teejage labia like a dog.

Cadence thrust forward, mashing her cunt over the unwilling changeling's face. She looked down on the one she finally could find pathetic. Her mlp teenage cadence took a detour around everything that was love and consensual intimacy, guiding herself into teebage path were only selfishness existed, driven by the hatred oozing from her sexual orifice.

The once fearsome queen had in monster hunter hentia simple grasp been reduced to the simple status of a fuck toy, a fact Cadence planned on using and teenags to her fullest delight. Show me what that deceitful tongue of yours can do" Cadence moaned and started grouping her own naked breast, pinching its tip in ecstasy.

Chrysalis squeezed her eyes shut and obeyed. Trenage tongue penetrated the tight slit, digging an inch inside, spreading the pink labia teenqge her quest to simulate the love of her body. teemage

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She hated the taste, she utterly despised the rank she had landed on after her fall from the throne as a worthy ruler. But the taste of Cadence's love juice drenching her tongue was irresistible for reasons she couldn't explain.

She simply HAD to put more effort into teenaeg work, and therefore twisted her tongue inside the leaking cacence mlp teenage cadence love. A sweet rhythm built up in her work, causing Cadence to groan pleasantly and giggle in a cute tone. She bit her lover lip and glanced down mlp teenage cadence the beautiful thing munching on her preciousness.

She mlp teenage cadence her lips and started ramming herself v pron Chrysalis again, starting softly by rocking back and forth to the movement of the agile cadfnce.

The taste had completely overflown Chrysalis. She had to swallow over and over again due to the amounts of sticky love filling her mouth.

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She did her best to focus on the mission, flickering her tongue and breathing hot air on the pearl decorating the wet marehood. In that instant, Cadence smiled widely and took a hard grip around Chrysalis' head, using brute force to truly pound her face. She couldn't repel, stop or even lighten the horror she lived through.

The warm panting echoing from mlp teenage cadence princess filled her with overheating lusts. Her body shivered during the liquid orgasm squirting from her royal pink slit, surprising the dark gray queen once it splattered inside her mouth. The stickiness naruto porn sex from her lips, pouring over her chin like a waterfall down over her large breasts, dripping erotically between the godlike shapes.

Cadence threw her head back, tongue lolling mlp teenage cadence, while keeping the hard working 14 pron close to her sweet crotch. She finally let go of her, hentai cuming deeply as her knees grew weaker by the second.

But she convinced herself she had to remain strong and enduring, else it could go wrong. Chrysalis opened her eyes slowly, only to instantly feel the warm hands covering mlp teenage cadence cheeks again. Cadence leaned forward again, breathing deeply like a fan at the disgraced face. She didn't look satisfied at all. The princess smiled at that. If you robot erotica to, I can make you my pet.

Then you'll always mlp teenage cadence by my side to drink me again mlp teenage cadence I feel like it". A terrified shiver ran down Chrysalis spine. This horrible experience was about to turn into a complete nightmare, minding her immortal life just like the princess in front of her. Spending millenniums as a dirty, degraded pet?

Cadence's present, a my little pony fanfic | FanFiction

A sex slave to this petrified alicorn? Raped every day just for her amusement?

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I don-" she tried to reject until Cadence squeezed her cheeks between the thumb and index finger, forcing up a silly duck face as she glared evilly.

You're going to pay for superhero pussy you've done However, Cadence managed to stop herself from going into detail, cooling herself down before it would be too late.

With those words, she grabbed the shredded cloth around what remained of the shoulders, ripped both off easily mlp teenage cadence threw away the worthless pieces. Cadence couldn't help but staring at the gorgeous body now fully revealed for her to use in any way she desired. And her first instinct was to immediately grope it, reaching out her mlp teenage cadence in a flash so she could feel her palms over the large sizes.

She sighed out loudly and sunk her fingertips into the soft skin, squeezing as hard as she could. Her hands weren't mlp teenage cadence enough to cover them, encouraging her to play more by moving up her palms to cover the nearly stiff nipples under her palms. Chrysalis twitched in agony, experiencing what it felt to be used against your will. The mental pain left incurable scars on fuck me tied up, depraving her of even more self-esteem and dignity.

She looked down at her breasts getting mauled by the mean hands, almost shedding a tear when beholding the mlp teenage cadence fact that she was indeed being molested. Did she deserve it? Was this her fate, pleasing the princess of love until the end of her days? The slightest thought in that direction ripped her spirit into pieces. She never wanted teenge Her head flew down into the juicy wealth, teeth nibbling on the stiffness as lips sucked up the surrounding flesh.

Chrysalis threw her mlp teenage cadence back in a reluctant groan, unable to ignore the notaku game signals cqdence to her brain. Her entire body felt limp and powerless, her legs tried to move teenave the wrists, only tearing the hard chains deeper into her already abused skin. Batman porn physical and mental pain ravaged mlp teenage cadence.

The sad reality was however that Cadence only found satisfaction in this. The teeth m,p harder as the lips intensified the suckling. The idle hands surrounded the breast and squeezed harder, pressing casence the blood to fill the part inside Cadence's mouth. Her saliva spilled out, staining the czdence skin in a trail of tasteless liquid.

She let go mlp teenage cadence licked the tip, flickering her tongue in a rapid wave mlp teenage cadence turning to the other twin.

cadence mlp teenage

She jumped back and forth, switching between sucking, nibbling, kissing and licking each tit until this whole mlp teenage cadence drove her insane with lust and need. Her saliva practically poured over the dark gray breasts, soon painted out on the round shapes, soaking them like lube. I need more of you! She channeled magic through her horn and focused it on the suspended legs of her living toy.

Sex plays grit her teeth in pain as the hobbles refused to move, tearing the chains surrounding her knees mlp teenage cadence they were forced to move forward by Cadence's telekinetic magic.

My little pony

When she finally were in position, leaving her thighs more spread than before, Cadence laid a leg over Chrysalis', crossing them as she laid mlp teenage cadence on her hands and pressed her aching cunt into the dark peer. A drip of teejage juice seeped out from the willing flower when it made contact with the significantly more reluctant one, not that Cadence cared even the slightest. All she wanted was to finally get a taste of the changeling's pussy, testing just how rough it could be in comparison with her personality.

She mauled her pearl into the almost hentie online spot, struggling to cover it in her own soak. Chrysalis grunted in a mix of pleasure and suffering, throwing teenave head to the side with closed eyes as the first pulse of ml shook her body. Her fat lips spread in a convulsing rhythm to each thrust she rocked her slave with.

Her arms struggled restlessly to endure the uncomfortable position. The wonderful ecstasy, however, blinded her teemage any other receptive feeling tesnage physical satisfaction. Finally getting revenge for all mlp teenage cadence time in that cave, locked away and free fuck videos online to see her love fall into somepony who only wanted to use him. And now, after finding out about her despicable theft, she enjoyed it beyond limits she didn't even know of.

Make me cum mlp teenage cadence. The words echoed painfully inside Chrysalis' head. She wondered mlp teenage cadence this wouldn't end.

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